Eddie low eddie low

Round three begins and Gaethje lands a hard low kick and then another. Eddie replies with a barrage of uppercuts from in close. Eddie attempts to pull guard. Gaethje tells him to stand back up. Eddie switches stances. He lands an uppercut and then rips the body. Alvarez with a nice knee to the body. Gaethje returns fire with a high kick. Three minutes remain and Eddie’s leg is in a world of hurt. Another hard kick from Gaethje. Alvarez scores a takedown. Justin quickly gets up to his feet and lands a low kick. He lands another. That lead leg of Alvarez is just busted up. Eddie keeps on pressing forward and land shots. An uppercut and then a hook to the body from Alvarez. Eddie lands a knee and Justin drops this one is all over!

In 1972, Van Halen formed another band, originally called "Genesis". The name was changed to "Mammoth" when Van Halen became aware of the English progressive rock band of the same name . [15]

Eddie Low Eddie LowEddie Low Eddie LowEddie Low Eddie LowEddie Low Eddie Low